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April 19, 2014 | Reading | Woodley Mammoth Theatre, Washington D.C.

  • Woolly Mammoth Theatre (Melton Hall) 641 D Street, NW Washington, DC, 20004 USA (map)

Lady Lay - A bold new work about liberating the human spirit during the fall of the Berlin Wall

The Austrian Cultural Forum wants to draw attention on the reading 'Lady Lay' by the American-German playwright Lydia Stryk on April 19, 2014 at the Woodley Mammoth Theatre (Meton Hall) in Washington D.C.

'Lady Lay' is a bold new play with music that will transport you to Berlin, 1989. It follows MariAnne, a frustrated, career clerk in the Berlin Employment Office. Then, one day, she hears Bob Dylan for the first time on the radio, and the Berlin Wall collapses. She takes a journey, both joyful and terrifying, into Dylan's rebellious realm. MariAnne sets off on a personal revolution through cold war fatigue, learning a new language, and falling in love with “that” song. Lady Lay asks: what is freedom? And can Dylan take us there? Come celebrate the 25th Anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall.

'Lady Lay' is part of the SCENA Reading Series Rhythm & Rebellion. Join SCENA’s movement to showcase brazen new plays with themes of revolution and music. We’ve organized four provocative plays that question conformity, government, religion, and class. All works have a distinct musical backdrop that inspires action—just like any worthy rebellion. It's a chance to discover new works before they go big. So, find your inner creative nonconformist this spring with SCENA at DC’s Woolly Mammoth Theatre (Melton Hall).

Directed by Robert McNamara.

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