Touch the Box, 2018

iPhone X, emoticon pictograms


The interactive performance "Touch the Box" is derived from the TV game shows "Touch the Truck or Touch Me", popular in the early 1990s, especially in Turkey. Those participants who managed to touch the object of desire, such as a car, for the longest time - which could go on for days - would be the winner and take the touched object as a price home.

In the transformation of this principle, the ART CELL (an old phonebox covered with the form of hands) is the setting for a public show in which the issued iPhone X, 64 GB – currently the most powerful mobile phone in the world – becomes the contested object, which has long since become a social fetish and is now the focus of the installation. Who manages to touch the box - the showcase of the iPhone X - the longest will win the coveted cell phone!

Sponsored by Hutchison Drei Austria GmbH | In coorperation with TransArts class/Roman Pfeffer, University of Applied Arts Vienna/KUNSTZELLE/Christine Baumann