Short film, 2016 | 7:02 min, HD, stereo | Language: Estonian, Subtitles: English

The short film is a dislodged retake of the mythical fairytale scenario of Rapunzel, who is known for her extremely long braided hair. Locked up in a tower by an evil witch, she is waiting to be saved by the prince when he hears her beautiful voice.  It’s the classical story of a mythicized, helpless female, who only becomes free after the prince arrives.

In this short film these stereotypes are still present (through her looks and the braid as well as the high pitched audio), but here she already has escaped her prison, running around searching for a purpose or a possibility to escape her fate in the "forest of stereotypes", since she feels bored and trapped in her role as a helpless maiden. She climbs up a tree/tower to be able to see further and hoots for help, but she doesn’t want to be saved by a prince, she searches for another female to help. Older women have in fairytales usually the role of the witch – envious of the youth, beauty and love – but here it’s the older woman, who guides Rapunzel, so she can escape the myth. Thus Rapunzel climbs down the tree/tower by herself, joining the sisterhood and the experience of another generation; by doing so she can escape her destiny.

Rapunzel’s braid is made out of collected hair from other women (site-specific sculpture Dedication, 2014) and thus symbolizes that when one woman is running out of steam to fight for feminism there are other women who are fighting for the same cause. Even though we already live in the fourth-wave feminism, we still live up to these unconscious myths and breaking them down is a constant run in the forest.


Site-specific sculpture, 2014

Site-specific sculpture of women´s hair collected from hair salons in Kopli, Estonia, curator and other participants of the exhibition.
2,70 meters long braid hanging down from the ceiling, tied with a fuchsia ribbon, placed on a white podium, whose top is covered with pink paint
Installation, Nancy Nakamura, Shelf of Ideas