Short film, 2016 | 4:51 min, HD, stereo | Language: Estonian, Subtitles: English

The short film deals with a broken but still lingering love story between the former East and the West, presented by the artist’s alter ego. The music video incorporates clichés from the annual European music contest Eurovision Song Contest as well as from the traditional “Estrada” music, a popular musical style from the former Soviet Union and Bulgaria.

The character of the "singer" tries to speak about her personal dramatic love experiences but is only able to express it through various levels of expected behavior. She tries to "speak" through her stereotyped role of an overdressed, unserious, dramatic, "cheap", neurotic and exotic woman and ends up being stuck in her own personality, muted and untranslatable. The character shows the ongoing conflict between her “western” side, represented through the English subtitles, and her “eastern” side, incorporated in her identity, and struggles with how her two sides can communicate with each other without applying all stereotypes linked to it.

The question "Is it possible to have more than a kiss without a tongue?" cannot be answered yet, since the market for erotic female roles still exists after the fall of the Iron Curtain in tourism and the cultural industry. If there’s no "other", what or who would be left to sell and desire?