‘Die Auflösung‘ (engl. ‘Dissolution on Canvas’), an installation that deals with the boundary between visual and media arts
The starting point of ‘Dissolution on Canvas’ was the audio-visual performance ‘Dissolution’ by Christoph Frey and Sybille Bauer. One 16mm film loop was running simultaneously through two projectors. The projectors were located on opposite ends, in-between a lighted 16mm film editing table. The 16mm film, looped between the projectors, was edited live by Sybille Bauer with watercolor, pencil, food coloring, ink, hydrogen peroxide and a dentist burr. Ultimately, the film loop got destroyed. The sounds of the projectors and of two microphones, – attached to Sybille Bauer and to the editing table – were recorded and digitally mixed on the spot.
During the rehearsals and the live performance of ‘Dissolution’ the artist collected hundreds of meters of ‘16 mm film waste’. They then were separated by color, sewed together and glued to canvas, thus becoming the art work ‘Dissolution on Canvas’.

Although the film strips became a pictorial arrangement, a still object, it still holds a filmic dynamic: the film strips are the result of a complex, cinematic transformation process of performing ‘Dissolution’ by Christoph Frey and Sybille Bauer.

By rehearsing and performing ‘Dissolution’, we collected a few hundred of meters of 16mm film which holds a special visual quality. Its material changed significantly: the filmic image is no longer in its original state, it’s highly manipulated through a filmic process and now, as on object, it ends up as a still, not moving image. However, the still object has cinematic features as the colors are surprisingly dynamic. On the filmstrips one can see that they were edited through a filmic, moving process. The resulting color and patterns are completely unique and not easy to recreate.
— Sybille Bauer