2018 Focus

In 2018 we plan a number of events dedicated to the commemoration of the "Anschluss" of 1938 to honor and remember Austrian artists and scholars whp were forced to leave Austria and go into exile, many of whom came to the United States.


In 2018 will dedicate a number of events to the UN Universal declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) 70 years ago.


In 2018 we will commemorate some anniversaries, among others the adoption of the UN-Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) 70 years ago, why many of our events will be based on and related to a particular right from the UDHR.


I will put a particular focus on the role of women in art and culture why we tried to establish new partnerships with local women’s cultural initiatives like i.e. the Washington Women in Jazz Festival, the Women’s Voices Theater Festival or the International Women’s History Initiative.

One Cannot Not Communicate
— Paul Watzlawick