Please note that applications for the period of January to June 2018 have to be submitted by COB September 29, 2017. The deadline for applications for the period of September to December 2018 is COB December 15, 2017.

Only successful applicants will be contacted.

  • Internships are paid and for the duration of 2 months. During the summer months of July and August, there are no spots available.
  • Applicants of the following fields of study or with equivalent work experience are preferred: Arts Management, Fine Arts, History of Art, Musicology, Ethnology and similar.
  • Please consider it is not always an administrative office Internship. Working hours can take longer than you think and sometimes could become exhausting.

Key Responsibilities

  1. External communication coverage, such as updating the website (squarespace, paint), creating newsletters, reminders and handling the social medias such as facebook, twitter, instagram, flickr.
  2. Internet research and documentation used in planning current and future events
  3. Assist in organizing and preparing cultural events
  4. Active participation in organizing the cultural events, for example, assisting the artists, organizing the catering and welcoming the guests, installation and depletion
  5. Contact with artists, business partners, guests and the press, conducted in German and English
  6. Post- editing of projects, revising and processing media coverage
  7. Administrative duties, such as handling reservations or administrating contacts...

Requirements to meet the criteria of an intern

  • Austrian citizenship
  • Austrian place of residence
  • Active enrollment at an accredited university or recent completion of studies


The applicant will be considered if he/she is

  • A student who has already completed three semesters of academic studies and actively pursuits a Bachelor-, Master- Degree or a Magistra Degree Program at an Austrian- or International University, college or University of Applied Sciences.
  • A young graduate from 21 to 28 years, who wishes to seize more practical knowledge and competencies and possibly gain further professional experience with an outlook on orientation within the described field of expertise. Everybody who, at the time of the internship, has completed a Bachelor- Masters and/ or Magistra Degree no later than a year prior to the commencement of their internship will be considered a young professional and is eligible for the position.
  • Good command of English
  • Valid national insurance (accident insurance will be concluded by the employer)
  • Interest in cultural work

Interns need to cover the costs for accommodation, transportation and a valid health insurance in the United States. (Hint: the Austrian student insurance meets these conditions)

Please submit a current CV and a cover letter in both German and English. Due to the large number of applications, we recommend filing with us in a timely fashion. Please submit your application to

Please note that only successful applicants will be contacted!

Review by former interns:

"It was a great opportunity to work at the ACFDC. It is definitely the department with the most fun – but also with some extra working hours in the evenings. It was a wonderful time with Andreas and Birgit. I am sad that I have to leave already..."

“Being an intern at the Cultural Forum in Washington D.C. was an amazing experience – I got the chance to help organizing events, improve my social media skills and be part of the ACFDC team!”

"Working at the Cultural Forum was a great experience! I learned a lot about organizing events and corresponding with artists of all kind. Moreover I gained a lot of experience in administrative work."

"There are many things I could tell you, many things I experienced, many things I saw and many things I will never forget. But I will not do this. I have to confess ... there is a lot of work. But I got used to it and I loved it so much. If you are interested in culture and art you will be happy to make your internship at the ACFDC."