October 2, 2013 | Art Talk


Bäckerstrasse 4

The Austrian Cultural Forum is proud to host an art talk with young contemporary Austrian artists in cooperation with the Viennese gallery bäckerstrasse 4 at the Embassy of Austria.

bäckerstrasse 4 - platform for young art focuses on aspiring young artists at the beginning of their careers by offering them an international stage for presenting their work and a broad network including curators, art collectors, institutions and programs as well as international art fairs such as (e)merge in Washington, DC. In its gallery and exhibition space in the center of Vienna, the platform shows works and positions by a new generation of artists and has become an important part of Austria's young contemporary art scene.

The artists participating in bäckerstrasse 4's programs are selected by a jury of internationally renowned experts every year, with art graduates from all over the world applying to become part of the gallery or the platform. The artists' portfolios include the whole range of media, from painting and photography, installation, sculpture to video and object art.

 | Artists

Markus Hofer creates artwork based on common objects by manipulating them into artistic sculptures. Thus barely noticed everyday items such as heating pipes, electrical sockets and power cables are freed of their original functions; they acquire new meanings and compel the viewer to pause for a brief moment of contemplation. The art interventions are location-based, which means that the Austrian artist carefully examines the exhibition space and transforms some of its properties into artwork. The outcome is an interweaving of analogies of form and meaning at the crossroads of art and everyday life.


Nina Rike Springer is an Austrian photo and video artist, who plays with the notions of bodies, objects and image spaces. Her artwork features variations of colors and shapes in motion and standstill; it shows colorful elements in dark spaces and captures moments between revelation and concealment. Monochrome clothes make human bodies appear as objects. Classical image compositions tempt the viewer to assign meaning to the pictures, which only leads to well dosed confusion, because Nina Rike Springer’s art is highly self-referential and parodies art fraught with meaning.


Borjana Ventzislavova has lived and worked in Sofia, Bulgaria and Vienna, Austria. Her art is concerned with migration and the related issues of identity and social structures. By doing documentary research on a new location, she strives to capture the place and the people there through photography, film and interview. Her cross-disciplinary artwork represents life stories and thus reveals the social structures and conventions beyond them. Her projects question reality per se, because, says Ventzislavova, “the stories and situations of the people, even in a city, show how many realities a place really has, and it is therefore very important to me to make these different perspectives visible in my work.” 


When: Wednesday, October 2 2013 | 7:30 pm
Where: Embassy of Austria | 3524 International Court, NW | Washington DC, 20008
Tickets: Admission is free.