October 30, 2013 | Digital Media


Cinema Time - Ulf Langheinrich's 'Drift'

Austrian Artist Ulf Langheinrich probes with 'Drift' the Status of the 'moving Image.'

Between the cinema and the moving image, a difference is emerging that investigates temporal formations that challenge assumptions about 'static' photographic time and the 'logic' of cinematic time - a discourse that investigates stillness, movement, and spatial transformations in time Frames that are hybridized, uncanny, and dazzling. In elegant works such as 'Drift' (Langheinrich, 2008), the projected image unfolds into temporal and experiential spheres other than mere duration or narrative.

'Drift' is an audiovisual Installation which uses the superior image and technical qualities of modern cinemas as an extended space for art production and the translation of abstract forms of image and sound. From a realistic image, a stream of dense images emerges, transparent and fine in resolution and detail.

Ulf Langheinrich (b. 1960) is a German-born Austrian artist living and working in Dresden in Hong Kong. In collaboration with Kurt Hentschläger he founded 'Granular Synthesis' in 1990, an audiovisual media artist duo creating multimedia installations featuring projected images, videos, and surrounding sounds. One of his individual Projects was the 2003 'Hemisphere,' a film set on a suspended dome. He was a featured artist at the Ars Electronica, and has been a visiting professor at several universities.

For more information please visit: http://www.goethe.de/ins/us/was/ver/en11532426v.htm
Find out more about the Artist and his works at: http://ulflangheinrich.com/