December 2 - 13, 2013 | Exhibit


Moods - Young Austrian Photography

In cooperation with Young Austrian Photography, the Austrian Cultural Forum Washington was delighted to present 'Moods,' a collective exhibition introducing six Austrian photographers.

Over the past few years art photography has vividly taken off in Austria. Interesting developments and approaches - along with new opportunities - are now part of this new generation of photography. The works of the Austrian artists selected for this exhibition examine, in a wide range of ways, the perception and manipulation of our daily surroundings. The show provides a cross section of young, enterprising artists shaping the country’s contemporary photography scene with innovative technique, striking composition and stirring imagery.

Photographers: Carmen BRUCIC, Irina GAVRICH, Severin KOLLER, Anja MANFREDI, Anita SCHMID, and Andreas WALDSCHÜTZ