December 5 - 22, 2013 | Cinema



Now in its 26th year, the AFI European Union Film Showcase continues its tradition of bringing the best in European cinema to Washington audiences.

This year's selection of more than 50 films included award-winners, international festival favorites, local box-office hits and debut works by promising new talents, plus many countries' official Oscar® submissions for Best Foreign Language Film.

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About the Austrian contribution 'Soldier Jane / Soldat Jeannette'

Posh fortysomething Fanni takes a sports car for a test drive—on a one-way trip from Vienna to the Alps. There she finds work on an organic farm, alongside other dropouts from the rat race. But is the farm community really free of modern society’s corruptions? How long can a non-conformist like Fanni fit in anywhere? A longtime assistant director to Ulrich Seidl, Daniel Hoesl creates a visionary debut, offering a cultural critique with puckish wit and crisp style. German electro balladeer Bettina Köster makes key contributions on the soundtrack.

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