November 11, 2014 | Performance | Scena Theatre & Austrian Cultural Forum

Don Juan Comes Back from the War by Odon von Horvath


See a startling tale of passion and isolation in the aftermath of World War I. A shell-shocked and weary Don Juan returns to an equally damaged Berlin, Germany. Don is trying to turn over a new leaf and change his ways as an infamous lothario. His undying quest: find the love of his life who he left at the altar years earlier. However, Don encounters several beautiful and seductive women on his journey. After years of celibacy, can Don resist his former debaucherous ways? Or will he succumb to the intoxicating lure of female sexuality? Join us for this special Austrian cultural event featuring one of the most fascinating and provocative characters in literature.

When: Tuesday, November 11, 2014 | 7:30 pm
Where: Austrian Cultural Forum | 3524 International Court NW | Washington, DC, 20008
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