September 24, 2014 | Art Performance | TRANSART


Transart allows interplay between different art forms like music, literature and visual arts, which results in an intensified overall experience for the audience.

Astrid Rieder about TRANSART:

“I first came in contact with contemporary music in 1993, when I read “PAINTING to CONTEMPORARY MUSIC” in a folder for adult education. There, Wolfgang Seierl was offering a weekend of painting to contemporary music with no pre-knowledge required. Out of mere curiosity, I enrolled for the course. To music by Morton Feldman, Luigi Nono and John Cage, I did my first strokes with the paintbrush. The result greatly inspired and encouraged me, and the inspiration grew. Not long and I started professional training in painting and started to hold house concerts, where all kinds of people get the chance to experience contemporary music in an intimate environment. Soon I also started to work in an own studio. Our habits of hearing are very much based on conventions. We are used to hearing popular music and classics. Hearing this music is, of course, nice but with contemporary music, my fingers start itching – they want to find ways to express the sound images, rhythms, moods, associations, and timbres visually. For me, contemporary music inevitably needs the willingness to allow inspiration and individual reflection.”

American Producer Erik Spangler will take care of the musical part of the performance. He will perform a live remix of his chamber compositions of the past 20 years. Each performance is a unique piece created in real-time from sampled audio.

Astrid Rieder

Born in the Weinviertel in Lower Austria, she has been living and working in Salzburg since 1987, and has a studio in the Salzburger Kunstverein.
Several studies led her to Budapest, Minnesota and Washington D.C.
Since the 90’s Rieder focused exclusively on contemporary music as well as presentations of books, images and videos.

Erik Spangler

Erik Spangler (a.k.a. DJ Dubble8) is a composer and electronic musician living in Baltimore, MD. Engaged equally with ensemble improvisation, live sample-based mixing, guerilla community sound art, hybrid electronica production, and notated chamber music, Spangler aims to dissolve cultural boundaries while drawing all corners of inspiration into cohesive sound images. Autobiographical audio artifacts, field recordings and found sounds share equal space with newly composed material- all aspects influencing each other.
Spangler received his Ph.D. in Music Composition from the University of Harvard in 2004 and is currently a Professor of Sound Art at Maryland Institute College of Art.


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