Exhibition Opening | Young Austrian Photography | Uncommon Places

Uncommon Places is a collective exhibition that introduces the work of six Austrian photographers (one as collective). Subjects of this exhibition are places that have been discovered in Austria and abroad – real existing unusual places. However, some of them are dealing with a particular state of mind - influenced by ones surrounding, relationships or simply evoke through the existence of its history.

In his series 'Changing Views', Stefan Oláh shows an excerpt of his book project “Österreichische Architektur der 50er Jahre fotografiert von Stefan Oláh” (Austrian Architecture of the 50s). The series includes unique views of different types of representative buildings which all symbolize the so called “Wirtschaftswunder” in the uprising economy of the young Austrian nation after the second world war.
Bruno Klomfar's series 'past future' originated from his fascination for the structures of the 60s and 70s – architectural manifestations of utopias often built in concrete. His search led him to Berlin, Paris, Bratislava, Brussels, and London, where he found and photographed the icons of recent architectural history, such as Ernő Goldfinger’s Balfron Tower, and many other interesting buildings in danger of demolition due to insufficient heritage protection laws.

With 'The maid´s shift', Set Designer and Photographer Monika Nguyen illustrates the parallel existence of two different social classes and visualizes the attempt to realize a projection of longing. Instead of carrying out their work-related duties, the employees secretly make other use of the rooms.
The photographic series 'Lost And' by Luise Hardegg was taken in Wonder Valley California. While driving through the dessert Hardegg asked herself who might have lived once in this ghostly and feral environment.
In order to travel and trace the length of the earth’s circumference, Six and Petritsch generated a concentrated, closed situation with their series 'Around the world': they drove their Saxy mopeds on a two-kilometer-long former racetrack in northern Spain at an average speed of approximately forty kilometers per hour.

When: November 5, 2015 | 07:30 pm
Where: Autrian Cultural Forum, 3524 International Court NW, Washington DC 20008

Duration of the Exhibition: November 5, - November 14, 2015