March 24, 2015 | Lecture/Concert | Cecelia Porter: Music in Vienna and its Forgotten Micro-Culture - Women Composers 1918-1945

Dr. Porter will be focusing on three women composers active in Vienna, their lifetimes overlapping so as to cover 1918 to 1945. The women in question are Mathilde von Kralik (1857-1944), Johanna Müller-Hermann (1878-1941) and Frida Kern (1891-1988). For the most part, these women are virtually unknown or little known today, even in Vienna. Amazingly, musical life in Vienna continued during these years despite the ongoing devastations and miseries of two World Wars, drastic inflation, the Great Depression, and the political and economic chaos leading to the Anschluss and National Socialism. Yet, even in those wretched times, the city was overflowing with new musical works and concert life. This new probe into the Vienna’s past illuminates a hidden, yet vibrant “micro-culture” in this city’s musical life.