Plurality of Privacy in 5 minute plays

The Plurality of Privacy Project in Five-Minute Plays (P3M5) in cooperation with the Goethe-Institut Washington and the EUNIC Cluster Washington DCis a groundbreaking transatlantic theater project focused on the value of privacy across the US and Europe. Five theaters in the US and ten in Europe are participating in the project. The project contains the central question “What does privacy mean to you in the digital age?"

The writer and translator Clemens J. Setz wrote Austria’s contribution “Leitgeb” to the P3M5 project. Born in 1982 in Graz, Austria, he is fascinated with the new possibilities of digital technology and is a passionate lover of language, especially artificial language. He has already published a number of novels that have been translated into 15 languages. His works received various awards, including the 2015 Wilhelm Raabe Literature Prize.

The Schauspielhaus Graz is one of the largest theaters in Austria. It plays a major role in the German-speaking theatrical world. Their program ranges from classical plays, light comedies and musicals to more contemporary forms such as site-specific work and documentary theater.

Play Synopsis: A young man has set up a garage sale to get rid of some extra things, including a t-shirt with identification information that his grandfather with Alzheimer’s used to wear in case he got lost. A woman who wants to buy the shirt at the sale faces now a moral dilemma.

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