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March 5 - March 20 | Exhibition | Lomo Gallery, New York City

  • Lomography Gallery 41st West 8th Street New York, NY 10011 USA (map)

“Moods” are an essential part of our lives. The exhibition ::MOODS:: combines the works  and creations of six Austrian photographers. Every single photograph is a unique expression; the exhibition as a whole unveils an abstract perspective on the human ability to express moods in a variety of ways. The stories behind the photographs are unlimited. The purpose of the photographers’ work turns out to be unlimited as well – as are their individual means of photographing. And yet there still seems to be common ground between all the pictures shown.

About the photographers:
CARMEN BRUCIC focuses on themes related to desire, emotional relationships, vulnerability, and fragility from a confessional and intimate perspective.

IRINA GAVRICHs photographic work for art and fashion magazines, newspapers, and design and art catalogues has a very particular, almost poetic tone – highly expressive. What you see is not a moment; it is a process. Like the work of other artists featured at MOODS, her pictures somewhat resemble filmstills – stills taken from a movie that does not exist.

SEVERIN KOLLER tells a story through his photographs. He captures a moment and tells the viewer more about the relationship between himself, behind the camera, and his models in front of it. In different situations he emphasizes a particular mood to which his own presence also contributes.

ANJA MANFREDI produces photographic tableaux playing on images within images, creating and evoking associations. With her re-creations and interpretations, executed by people from her artistic and scientific circle, Manfredi reflects on historical concepts of the body and on social conventions.

ANITA SCHMID in her series “Momentkonfigurationen”, melds her models with architecture as if there were nothing in between. She shows the idea of the postures of a human body as an expression of a series of mental processes. ANDREAS WALDSCHÜTZ, who actually started his career within another realm of pictorial language – the production of videos – points out in his series “Mr. and Mrs. Bugg” the blurring line between reality and dreams. Andreas has worked as a full-time photographer since 2005.  

When: March 5 - March 20

Where: Lomo Gallery | 41 West/ 8th Street New York, New York, 10011

Tickets: FREE | For more Information please stop by at



Foto: Carmen Brucic