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May 10, 2014 | Interactive Performance | Goethe-Institute Washington

  • Goethe-Institut Washington 812 Seventh Street, NW Washington, DC, 20001 USA (map)

Join The Love Club

The Austrian Cultural Forum wants to draw attention to the interactive performance ‘ The Love Club’ by the Viennese collective God´s Entertainment at the Goethe-Institute Washington DC.

Instead of the propensity to violence, love club puts the limits of sexual obsession of spectators and performers to the test. The open display of intimacy is experimented. Bashfulness and inhibition become pleasure. Everybody can play. The lovers are chosen by the players, the players command their lovers via joysticks. A touch, a kiss, nude skin. The players are responsible - also for the intensity of the getting together. Flirt, fight, sex, contact, love. Is (no) game.

It's the player who has to find out how the adversary of his or her „puppet“ can be driven to his or her personal limits of affection and, hopefully, „gives up“. How far can this game be taken? When do shame and bashfulness of the players coincide with those of the lovers? How long does the spectator want to watch? In which way and how long does someone let him/herself be loved in public, without suffocating with shame or show this sense of shame openly? Where are the limits of the lovers to be reached? And are these limits shifted by the „game“?

Handheld cameras are at the spectator's disposal. The end of the performance is not determined. When a lover doesn't bear being loved anymore, he or she sets the „game over“. Change of players, choice of lovers, bets of the spectators. The next round starts.

This performance will be held in English and is followed by an aftershow party at the venue.

About the artists

God's Entertainment is an artistic collective working in Vienna. The group takes up current topics and discussions and submits them to a performative process of research. The works are characterized by high intensity and lively participation of the audience. Performers and spectators meet each other without the protection of a „forth wall“. GE's pictural language nourrishes itself from the rich material of pop and media and work with quotations in an associative manner. Stage set, performers, audience, music, text, body - all these elements are equal parts of the productions. God's Entertainment don't draw suspicions: they produce proof. Not at least, God's Entertainment do entertain: the shows carry away, they don't convince by serving reactionary challenges of the fun society but produce an energy fostered by social ill-humour.

When: Saturday, May 10, 2014 | 10:00 pm
Where: Goethe-Institute Washington | 812 Seventh Street, NW | Washington, DC, 20001-3718
Tickets: $10 | For further information about this event and the purchase of tickets please stop by at

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