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July 22, 2014 | Dance Performance | Kennedy Center Millennium Stage, Washington D.C.

  • The John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts 2700 F St NW Washington, D.C., DC, 20566 United States (map)

Growth/Rights - An evening of dance for humanity

Austrian/Italian dancer/choreographer duo Gloria Benedikt and Mimmo Miccolis develop contemporary dance on the edge of artistic innovation and human need and base their work around issues of public concern, for which they strive to create artistic responses that inspire, thought provoke and emotionally touch audiences.

Growth (World Premiere) is an artistic investigation into the meaning and function of ‘growth’ in our time.

While the notion of ‘growth’ is traditionally framed in a purely socio--‐economic context, Benedikt and Miccolis are seeking an answer through their Bodies and through movement in order to offer audiences around the world a new, globally comprehensible way of looking at growth.

Link to trailer:
Choreography and Concept: Gloria Benedikt &Mimmo Miccolis
Dancers: Gloria Benedikt & Mimmo Miccolis
Music Composition: Francesco Germini
Violinist: Caterina Vannucci
Videography: Morgan Marinoni


Rights(?) (American Premiere), is a multimedia contemporary dance performance that brings attention to human rights, which are particularly prone to violation.

Originally funded by the BBC performing arts fund, it premiered in London in 2012. Miccolis approaches each human right from two sides: First, the interpretation of the right in modern society and second, the intrinsic meaning of that right. Every movement is created based on a strong emotional message in order for art and reality to unite as one.

Link to trailer:‐bOH3U2--‐4c
Choreography and Concept: Mimmo Miccolis
Dancers: Rachael Jones, Vanessa Owen, Daniel Roberge, Corey Landolt, Gavin Stewart
Music Composition: Francesco Germini
Costumes: Lemington Ridley – Melville Michel
Videography: Matteo Carratoni --‐ Morgan Marinoni--‐ Richard Winearls