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February 25, 2015 | Lecture | Hands-On Urbanism. The Right to Green

  • University of Maryland School of Architecture, Building 145 College Park, MD 20742 (map)

Hands-On Urbanism. The Right to Green

Elke Krasny

The lecture focuses on case studies of urban gardening, urban farming, and self-help building. It foregrounds critical alignments between urban dwellers and activists, architects, artists, educators or political philosophers. Counteracting, counterplanning, and self-organization are not urbanization's other, but rather co-implicated in urban transformation processes. Case studies include cities like Berlin, Vienna, Porto Alegre, or Hongkong. An empty lot is opportunity. Often started informally and then managed collectively, urban gardens change communities. What is the value of community? What are the contradictions within agency? At what price is opportunity?

When: Wednesday, February 25, 2015 | 5 pm
Where: University of Maryland | School of Architecture, Planning, & Preservation | Auditorium (0204)
Tickets: FREE

This lecture is part of Elke Krasny's exhibition Hands-On Urbanism. The Right to Green in the Kibel Gallery in the School of Architecture, Planning & Preservation. See details here