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LECTURE | Academic Cartography in Vienna 1848-1900

  • Library of Congress Madison Building101 Independence Ave SE, 20543, Washington Dc (map)

LECTURE: Academic Cartography in Vienna 1848-1900

Dr. Petra Svatek (Department of History, University of
Vienna, Austria) will be speaking on "Geography – Geology – Medicine – 
Archaeology: Academic Cartography in Vienna 1848-1900." The presentation will
focus on thematic maps produced by geographers, geologists, physicians and
archaeologists of the University of Vienna and other Viennese scientific   
institutions between 1848 and 1900. The first boom of thematic cartography set in around 1850, when several scientific institutions and professorships were
established and right from the beginning made the production of thematic maps
part and parcel of their work and research activities.

What: Lecture on Academic Cartography in Vienna 1848-1900
When: September 17, 2015 7:00pm
Where: Library of Congress, Madison Building 101