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  • Human Rights Campaign 1640 Rhode Island Avenue Northwest Washington, DC, 20036 United States (map)

The Zeitgeist DC literature festival makes the richness of German-language literature accessible to English speakers by presenting the latest works of the literary scenes of Austria, Germany and Switzerland. This year's theme, Queer as Volk, will highlight new works in German that deal with themes of queerness and identity. 

Among the authors is Fabian Hischmann from Germany with his debut novel Am Ende schmeißen wir mit Gold ("In the end we throw with gold") and Zora del Buono from Switzerland with her novels Canitz’ Verlangen ("Desire") and Gotthard. 

The writer and journalist Jürgen Bauer wrote Austria's contribution Das Fenster zur Welt ("The Window to the World"to the literature festival. In his debut novel, Jürgen Bauer describes the clash of two generations who together face the mistakes they have made. With his delicate language and subtle humor he addresses the question of beauty and transience of a moment. 

For further information please visit the website of the Goethe Institut.

Reading & Discussion
When: Monday, March 6, 2017 | 6:00 pm
Where: Human Rights Campaign, 1640 Rhode Island Ave NW, Washington, DC 20036
Tickets: General admission is free and open to the public.

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In the End we Throw with Gold (Am Ende schmeißen wir mit Gold)
German author Fabian Hischmann studied Literature and Cultural Studies in Hildesheim and at the German Literature Institute in Leipzig. His debut novel In the End we Throw with Gold (Am Ende schmeißen wir mit Gold) tells the story of Max Flieger, a young teacher in his late twenties who seems not quite grown up. But this suddenly changes while he is taking care of his parent’s house: as the familiar surroundings are bringing back memories of the amorous twists of his youth, a disaster occurs which leads Max to Greece and then to New York. Hischmann's novel has the courage to take on the beauty and melancholy of memories.

The Window to the World (Das Fenster zur Welt)
The Austrian journalist and writer Jürgen Bauer lives in Vienna, where he published his first novel The Window to the World (Das Fenster zur Welt). After the death of her mother, the 80-year-old protagonist Hanna dares a late rupture with her stiff everyday life. At a speed-dating event she meets the young, unemployed actor Michael, who is stunned by his recent separation from his partner. A friendship develops between this very unlikely pair, and as Hanna goes on a journey through her past, Michael sits in the passenger seat. With his delicate language and subtle humor, Jürgen Bauer addresses the question of beauty and the transience of a moment.

The Swiss author Zora del Buono grew up in Bari and Zurich. Before she started writing, she worked as an architect and construction manager in a male-dominated, heterosexual business. Deeply amusing, sensual and cunning, this novel relates behind-the-scenes drama during the construction of the Gotthard road tunnel through the Alps, one of the most impressive road engineering feats in the world. The multi-perspective narration entangles the tales and fates of the lesbian protagonist and seven other characters who are all involved in one way or another in the construction of the tunnel. Del Buono tells a story that is outside of the urban LGBT discourse. While homosexual self-conception is a constant theme in urban and scene contexts, in this construction site milieu the common link isn’t sexual orientation, but the work underground.


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