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The Austrian film has been thriving recently and is receiving international recognition for its ability to deal with issues of social relevance in a differentiated way.

After legendary productions during the era of silent films the Jewish persecution under the Nazi regime forced a great number of Austrian film makers, among them Billy Wilder, Otto Preminger and Fred Zinnemann into exile abroad. After the end of the Second World War Austrian film production predominantly consisted of salable films such as mainstream comedies and sentimental films with a regional background.

At the end of the 1990s a new generation of Austrian film makers, among them Barbara Albert, Wolfgang Murnberger, Ulrich Seidl, Michael Glawogger and Götz Spielmann, brought a noticeable artistic development resulting in many invitations to International Film Festivals and collecting an impressive series of awards.

Special mention can be made in this context of the work of Michael Haneke, whose films have been awarded the “Golden Palm” at the Film Festival in Cannes twice: „The white Ribbon“ and „Amour“. Another highlight of recent years was Stefan Ruzowitzky’s film “The Counterfeiters” that won the 2008 Oscar for "Best Foreign Language Film". Important Austrian Filmfestivals: Viennale, Diagonale, Crossing Europe.

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Film Festivals

Viennale - Vienna International Filmfestival
Diagonale - Festival of Austrian Film
Crossing Europe Filmfestival Linz
ALPINALE Kurzfilmfestival
internationales berg+abenteuer filmfestival graz
Filmfestival of the Film Academy Vienna 
Salzburger JugendFilm und VideoFestival
VIS Vienna Independent Shorts