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CONCERT | Lukas Lauermann


CONCERT | Lukas Lauermann

The young Austrian cellist Lukas Lauermann creates new, contemporary ways of playing this centuries-old musical instrument. His music, full with joy in experimenting, oscillates between the tradition of classical concert halls and the directness of pop music. Lukas Lauermann feels at home in both worlds. He has been playing live solo shows for some time and now has ventured into new musical fields by presenting his first solo record “How I Remember Now I Remember How”. “If anyone asked me to define the music on this album,” he says, “my answer would be: barrier-free, modern, classical music.”

He will perform a program of songs from his solo debut album “How I Remember Now I Remember Now” at the Austrian Cultural Forum Washington.


“How I Remember Now I Remember Now”
written by Lukas Lauermann

sterile pression 2
ein nichts-zeigen ein durchscheinen-lassen
words two and words three

in understanding's palm
sterile pression 4
sterile pression 10
sterile pression 1
sterile pression 6
(y)our hands are caught doves

Where Is What I Am Not Any More
Part I _ between and above
Part II _ bows and lines and words eight
Part III _ backwards and forwards and down and up

sterile pression 8
sterile pression 9
wir sind abgründe (ein brunnen der in den himmel schaut)

About Lukas Lauermann
Lukas Lauermann works as a live and studio musician and composer, collaborates with bands and artists such as Donauwellenreiter, Ritornell, Soap&Skin, or Der Nino aus Wien. On his concert tours Lukas Lauermann frequently performs at renowned venues all over the world, such as La Cigale Paris, the Royal Festival Hall London, the National Concert Hall Taipei, the Burgtheater Wien or the Philharmonie Köln.

When: March 9, 2018 – 6.30 pm
Where: Austrian Cultural Forum/Embassy of Austria, 3524 International Court, NW, Washington, DC. 20008
Ticket: Free admission