The Austrian Cultural Forum Washington (ACFDC) serves as a focal point to promote Austrian culture and art in the Washington DC metro area. By organizing a variety of cultural events (concerts, film screenings, exhibitions, theatre performances, lectures and panel discussions) throughout the year, we aim at encouraging cultural exchange between Austrian and American artists and its audiences.

The ACF Washington is at the same time the Cultural Section of the Austrian Embassy in Washington, DC and offers free admission to all of its events open to the public. It organizes, supports, initiates and facilitates about 40 events per year, many of which take place in the atrium hall of the Embassy of Austria.

In particular, the ACF Washington works on three pillars:

  • Promotion of women in art and culture

  • Correlation between culture and human rights

  • Presentation of young emerging Austrian artists

We do this through:

  • Presenting contemporary artistic, cultural and scientific achievements from or about Austria in a broad range of discipline

  • Providing a platform for presentations of emerging young artists who have their life and career centered in Austria, in particular on our social media channels

  • Creating interfaces and promoting interaction between Austrian, European and American cultural institutions and artists

  • Acting as a forum for dialogue and discourse on relevant issues in culture and politics

International cultural policy is an essential and invaluable instrument of Austrian foreign policy, constituting a driving force that promotes Austria’s international cultural presence in an increasingly interlinked world. Our goal is to present a unique image of a contemporary, innovative and creative Austria, which is promoted and consolidated by means of high-quality cultural projects initiated and carried out by Austria's network of representations abroad. International cultural policy thus plays a pivotal and valuable role in presenting a modern image of Austria in the world.

Austria’s international network of representations active in the field of culture currently comprises:

  • 30 cultural institutes (“Cultural Fora”)

  • 2 Cooperation Offices

  • 80 embassies

  • 8 consulates-general, and

  • 300 honorary consulates

The 30 Austrian Cultural Fora are located in the following cities: Beijing, Belgrade, Berlin, Bern, Bratislava, Brussels, Bucharest, Budapest, Cairo, Istanbul, Kiev, Ljubljana, London, Madrid, Milan, Mexico City, Moscow, New Delhi, New York, Ottawa, Paris, Prague, Rome, Sarajewo, Teheran, Tel Aviv, Tokyo, Warsaw, Washington and Zagreb.

More information about Austria's international cultural policy work can be found here: International Cultural Policy Concept 2015 - 2018