Reopening of the Weltmuseum Wien in 2017

The Weltmuseum Wien will reopen at the end of 2017 in the historical complex of the Vienna Hofburg, the former Imperial Palace at the Heldenplatz. Its aim is to connect cultures and people from all over the world in a unique way by offering new perspectives on culture, history and tradition for the visitors. The museum should hence become a cultural center for people of all ages and backgrounds.
Sponsoring & Fundraising Campaign

DETROIT OVERTURE - A Project by Lisa Kortschak: An empty abandoned hall. Daylight and street noises penetrate the space through the porous walls. Only the dilapidated, however, still impressively splendid ceiling refers to the history of the location, which once was considered as Detroit’s most famous concert hall.

Austrian Culture worldwide (ger)

World War I Centenary

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